The Pivot Monthly Giving Community

The Pivot Monthly Giving Community

By joining The Pivot, you’re making a tangible commitment to helping every Quad Citian live free of poverty and addiction. Your recurring donation provides strategic, sustainable income toward this vision. You’re joining a community, alongside hundreds of others, who also wants to foster hope, create opportunity and share the unconditional love of Jesus with kids and adults facing crisis and addiction. In exchange for your support, we offer you:

*Quarterly stories of significant life-change so you can see the tangible impact of your gifts

*Invitation to pray with One Eighty staff each quarter over organizational and personal needs

*Annual lunch that includes insider update, campus tour, and connecting with residents

*One Eighty merchandise sent once per year

*Our genuine and heart-felt gratitude!

Questions or an idea to share? Tell us what you're thinking! Connect with Jenny Halupnik at or at 563-424-4589.